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Tonya Ashley

Second Vice President

Georgia Department of Corrections

Deputy Warden of Care & Treatment


(229) 467-3025

Ashley began her career with the Department in 1994 at Pulaski State Prison (SP) as a Medical Records Clerk. In 1997, she was promoted to a Juvenile Probation Parole Specialist II with the Department of Juvenile Justice. In 1998, she returned to the GDC at Pulaski State Prison as a Personnel Clerk. In 1999, she was promoted to Counselor I at Wilcox SP, and in 2001 she was promoted to Senior Counselor. In 2004 Ashley transferred to Bleckley Probation Detention Center as a Counselor II, and in 2006, she returned to Wilcox Sp as a Behavioral Health Specialist. 

In 2015, she transitioned to the Transitional Services Unit as a Social Services Program Consultant III. In 2020, she was promoted to Deputy Warden of Care and Treatment at Wilcox SP, where she currently serves. 

Ashley received an Associates degree in Criminal Justice from Middle Georgia State College and a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Mercer University. She has completed the following departmental training Executive Basic Correctional Officer Training, Supervision I, II, and III, Deputy Warden of Care and Treatment's Academy, and Warden's Pre-Command.   

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