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Dexter Payne

First Vice President

Arkansas Department of Corrections

Director of the Division of Corrections

6814 Princeton Pike

Pine Bluff, AR 71602


Dexter Payne was appointed to the position of Director of the Division of Correction by the Arkansas Board of Corrections on July 26, 2019. What began in September 1990, as a short-term job as a Correctional Officer at the Department’s Diagnostic Unit, ended up turning into a full-fledged career. His journey over the next 30 years provided the experiences and knowledge to form him into an exceptional leader with a firm but fair approach.

Mr. Payne’s diligence and strong work ethic guided his steady rise through the promotional ranks, first as a Correctional Sergeant at the Diagnostic Unit on March 2, 1996 and then as a Lieutenant at the Wrightsville Unit in March 2002. His promotions to Captain at the Tucker Unit in April 2005, and Chief of Security at the Grimes Unit in March 2006, while short-lived, paved the way for him to be named Deputy Warden at the Grimes Unit in March 2007. In May 2013, he was promoted to the position of Warden for the Wrightsville Complex, where he remained until he was named Deputy Director of Institutions in July 2015.


Director Payne earned a bachelor’s of arts degree in Criminology from Arkansas State University in 2007 and a master’s degree in Criminal Justice from ASU in 2012. In his spare time, Director Payne enjoys spending time with family, attending sporting events, and traveling.

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