Tom McElhenney

Immediate Past-President

Georgia Department of Corrections

300 Patrol Road

Forsyth, GA 31029

Mr. McElhenney began his career with the Georgia Department of Corrections in 1993 as a Counselor Assistant of Mental Health at the Georgia Women’s Correctional Institution in Hardwick, Ga.


Since that time he has been promoted to various counseling roles and then on into areas of supervision that included general counseling, mental health counseling, medical services, vocational programming and substance abuse residential treatment programming.


In 2003, he left facilities as the Deputy Warden of Care and Treatment and was promoted to the role of Program Development Consultant where he was involved in facility and probation audits as well as the research and development of standard operating procedures that governed both of those areas.

In 2012, he was promoted to Director of Offender Administration, where he was responsible for the management of an array of areas to include the oversight of all reception and releases of offenders and probationers, offender movement between facilities, and the oversight of all prison beds within the state prison system. In December 2014, Mr. McElhenney was promoted to the Director of Health Services where he oversaw the day to day operations of both physical health and mental health service delivery to offenders. In December 2016, he was promoted to the Director of the Office of Transitional Services where he and his staff promoted the successful transition from incarceration to release of offenders by exploring and introducing various reentry initiatives.


Later, Mr. McElhenney’s responsibilities increased to include the oversight of Reentry Programming, Cognitive Behavioral Programming, and Residential Substance Abuse Programming. Most recently, in March 2021, Mr. McElhenney was promoted to the Director of the American’s Disabilities Act (ADA) Compliance Unit for the GDC. He is and his team are responsible for the oversight and review of Title II requirements of ADA.

Mr. McElhenney has been an active member of SSCA for many years and has served on various committees within the organization. He is married and has two children.