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Unless otherwise provided for in the Constitution and/or By-Laws, committees and their chairperson, standing or special (ad hoc) shall be appointed by the President as deemed necessary to carry on the business/work of the Association.

All committees shall be made up of regular members in good standing.


Catastrophic Weather Fund Committee
The purpose of this committee is to gather items for the silent auction at the Annual Summer Training Conference. Funds raised will be held in the Catastrophic Weather Fund until such time as needed.

Constitution & By-Laws Committee
This committee is responsible for advising the Executive Board on issues relating to the SSCA Constitution and By-Laws while accepting all suggestions for revisions from current members.

Host Committee
This Committee shall have general oversight of the physical arrangements for the Mid-Winter Training Conference and the Annual Summer Training Conference.

Research & Grants Committee
The purpose of this committee is to explore and locate available financial grants or inexpensive training, training aids and equipment that can be used by members in their respective states or by the Southern States Correctional Association.

Long Range Planning Committee
The main purpose of this committee is to establish stability and direction for the Association’s future administrations. The committee will make recommendations on all new issues or projects that arise.

Resolutions Committee
This Committee will present resolutions for adoption at the Annual Summer Training Conference business meeting.

Membership Committee.
The committee is responsible for recruitment of new members and service to the Association's membership.

Time & Place Committee
This Committee is responsible for coordinating activities with the Vice-President in selecting a conference site for their term as President.

Program Committee
The Program Committee is responsible for designing, planning, and presenting the training program at the Association's Annual Summer Training Conference.

Finance Committee
The purpose of this committee is to prepare, maintain and review the SSCA budget.

Nominating Committee
The Nominating Committee will receive and review all nominations for Officers, and shall bring in a slate of nominees for Officers to be presented to the President at the closing business session of the Annual Summer Training Conference.

Southern Concourse Committee
This Committee is in charge of creating, editing and publishing the Southern Concourse which is the official publication of Southern States Correctional Association.

Media Committee
This committee will work together to actively engage members and prospective members through a variety of media outlets/platforms. 

Vendor Committee
The purpose of an established vendor committee is to actively pursue potential vendors and sponsors for the Summer Conferences. 

David H. Williams Committee
This Committee will receive, review and select individuals for this Award.

Kenneth Law Scholarship Committee
It is the responsibility of the committee to review all applications received from SSCA State Representatives and select the recipients of the SSCA Kenneth Law – Scholarship Award.

P.C. Shields Award Committee
This Committee is responsible for recognizing one SSCA Member to receive the SSCA P.C. Shields – Member Recognition Award.  

Line Staff Awards Committee
This Committee is responsible for reviewing and selecting 4 individuals from within the 14 states who exemplify career professionalism.

The actions of all committees are subject to review and approval by the Executive Board. The Chairperson and members of each committee shall serve until their successors are appointed; however, any Chairperson or member may be replaced at anytime by the President. 

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