Membership Information


As a member of SSCA you will:

 Receive a quarterly corrections journal, The Southern Concourse. This publication will allow you to keep abreast of topics of concern for corrections. Corrections professionals share information about innovative programs and accomplishments as well as issues and concerns in their states. The Southern Concourse will also keep you in touch with the colleagues you will meet through SSCA. As a “family” we are concerned with each other just as we are concerned with corrections issues.

 Have the opportunity to attend an annual training conference in one of the 14 states that comprise SSCA. These conferences are centered around a training program that is second to none. Not only do we learn about offender programs, needs, and programs; we acknowledge the problems and needs of correctional workers and provide training that will address our concerns as well as motivate and stimulate us to do our jobs well.

 Provide networking opportunities with qualified, experienced professionals. Through your attendance at the annual training conference, or from contacting the individuals/programs highlighted in The Southern Concourse, you will have a wealth of knowledge at your disposal. We share our ideas and assist each other on a daily basis.

 Have the opportunity to be recognized in any number of ways including:

Kenneth Law College Scholarships
David H. Williams Excellence of Service Award
Line Staff of the Year Award
P.C. Shields Member Recognition Award 

These awards are discussed in depth in the Awards Program section of the site.


SSCA offers four types of memberships to accommodate anyone with an interest in corrections:

Regular: Any person employed in, or honorably retired from, any area of the criminal justice system within the borders of the member states. The annual dues are $25 and entitle members to attendance at the annual conference, full voting privileges and an annual subscription to the association’s quarterly publication, The Southern Concourse.

Affiliate: Any criminal justice association, correctional department or institution within the borders of the member states upon receiving a favorable recommendation of the SSCA Executive Board. The annual dues are $100 and the Affiliate will receive four annual subscriptions to the association’s publication, The Southern Concourse.

Supporting Patron: Private agencies, commercial and business enterprise industrial or corporate with an interest in the criminal justice system and the Association. The annual dues are $150 and the Supporting Patron will receive one annual subscription to the association’s quarterly publication, The Southern Concourse.

Associate: Any interested individuals. The annual dues are $25 and entitle the Associate member to one annual subscription to the association’s quarterly publication, The Southern Concourse. This is a non-voting membership.

Dual: The term “Dual Membership” is used to denote a chapter which upon affiliation, or thereafter, enters an agreement with the Southern States Correctional Association which provides that each member of the Chapter will hold membership both in the chapter and the Southern States Correctional Association. Annual dues are $25.00 and entitle the member to all the rights and privileges of regular Members of SSCA in addition to their membership in their local association.


SSCA Membership Application_2015 (Adobe is required to view and/or print this application form)
Complete the application ensuring that you mark the appropriate type of membership and please remember to provide all requested information. Send to the address given with a check or money order in payment for dues. A confirmation membership card will be sent to you.

To Register online, please visit the PAYMENTS tab and submit your payment.  Your membership is good for 1 year from the date of payment.